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Mission "To achieve high levels of learning for all students in a safe and positive environment".

Vision  "Providing Opportunities Today for Excellence Tomorrow". 

The beliefs of Berrien County School System are:

                We believe students are our first priority.

                We must provide out students with a safe and healthy learning environment.   

                We believe all students will learn.

                We believe positive relationships are crucial to the success of students, teachers, and parents.

                We believe we must effectively use best practices in instruction.

                We believe in the development of collaborative learning communities in our schools.

                We believe preparing students for graduation is a responsibility that begins in pre-kindergarten.

                We believe that data drives instruction.

                We believe the family and community must be involved in the education of their children.

                We believe in maximizing leadership potential in all employees.

                We believe education is a shared responsibility of the student, home, school, and community.

                We believe all schools should provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

                We believe all students are unique learners and should be provided differentiated instruction.

                We believe students should be prepared for the future workforce through technology enhanced                                            learning.

                We believe students engaged in school activities perform better.

                We believe schools should produce sound character in all students.       

                We believe the system should employ and retain highly qualified personnel.

                We believe all personnel should demonstrate a high degree of professionalism.              

                We believe prompt and regular attendance by students, teachers, and staff leads to improved


                We believe effective and open communication is essential for the achievement of educational


                We believe educators must be committed to the continuous improvement of work.

                We believe all educators and staff must be continuous learners. They must be disciplined

                                people, with disciplined thought and disciplined action.

                We believe the focus of all schools' activities must be providing students with quality work                                          which engages them in meaningful learning.

                We believe all resources (time, people, space, information, budget, and technology) must be

                                used effectively, efficiently, and continuously evaluated to improve the quality of

                                Education provided for our students.

                We believe each parent is a partner with the school system in providing quality to his/her child.                                                Parent, student, and community input into every aspect of what we do as a school

                                system is absolutely essential to everyone's success.