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Guidance Counselor

Laura Lindsey

BPS Counselor

The guidance and counseling program at BPS supports students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve success in the areas of academic development, work ethic, and personal/social development. The guidance curriculum and counseling services are delivered through a variety of strategies:

Student Services

Classroom guidance lessons are based on the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum.
Small group guidance is a session conducted with three or more students focusing on skill building to enhance performance in the school setting.
Group counseling is a session conducted with three or more students focusing on social/emotional issues.
Individual guidance is a session with one student focusing on skill development to promote success.
Individual counseling is a session conducted with one student focusing on social/emotional issues.

Support Services

Parent consultation provides information regarding academic and social issues.
Staff consultation provides support to students in the classroom setting.
Agency collaboration provides information on available resources.

These services are available to all students. Some students benefit from a few brief counseling sessions, some just need an safety outlet throughout the school year, and some may need more intensive sessions. Our goal is to break the barriers preventing learning so the student can return to class with success.