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Principal's Corner

Beginning School

Mrs. Nicole Richbourg
Mrs. Nicole Richbourg

This is our fourth year at our new location and each year our enrollment has continued to grow.  I hope that is a statement by parents that they have confidence in the teachers we have and the services we provide.   I have found our student families to be informed and interested in seeing our schools move forward in providing our children with the educational tools they will need to be productive in society.  Thank you for your continued involvement in our school process.  Healthy, progressive schools have active parent involvement and a process in place to hear their concerns.  I hope you always find me willing to listen and accessible to you when you need to schedule a conference or voice a concern.  As the school grows, so do our daily responsibilities, but my pledge to you is to return your calls, schedule your conferences, and lend my ear when you need to be heard. 


Thank you.