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Berrien Primary School

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Berrien Primary School houses grades Pre-K through second. There are approximately 950 students who receive academic instruction, art, music, physical education, and regular access to computer labs and a well-equipped media center. BPS uses Accelerated Reader,  IXL, and web-based assessment and prescriptive programs to help teachers guide instruction based on student's needs. The Early Intervention Program, After School/Summer Program, ESOL, Special Education Program with co-teaching, and Gifted Program serve at risk students or students with special needs. Berrien Primary School also has an instructional coach who provides assistance to the teacher.

Berrien Primary School has made AYP for the past 11 years and has also been recognized as a Title I Distinguished School for the past 13 years. BPS has implemented the LIPS program in kindergarten and first grade. Berrien Primary School is in a new school building which was opened July 2009. The new school is equipped with state-of-the-art technology (ex.Smartboards) in each classroom.

BPS Vision Statement:  Providing Opportunities Today For Excellence Tomorrow!

BPS Mission Statement:  The Berrien County School System is to achieve high levels of learning for all students in a safe and positive environment.